La Pâtisserie  - By Oven-Fresh Delights

La Pâtiss Breakfast                                                                    

scrambled egugs sauteed with tomato, onion, with a side of potatoes gratin & croissant   
Bon Appétit Breakfast                                                             
scrambled eggs sauteed with tomato, onion, spinach and ham with a side of potatoes gratin & croissant

omelette, topped with prosciutto & cheese, with potatoes gratin & croissant

French Toast                                                                                                        
thick sliced brioche, topped with fresh fruits, chantilly, powdered sugar. Choice of coffee, tea, or orange juice (please note: the bread is not dip in eggs, but drizzled with your choice of chocolate, raspberry or caramel sauce)   

  • Lorraine (egg, bacon, & cheese)                                            
  • Poireaux (egg, bacon, leeks, onions, & cheese)                     
  • Florentine (egg, bacon, spinach, & cheese)                         
    Note: Please call ahead for vegetarian

    Breakfast Sandwiches
    • Ham & swiss croissant
    • Bacon & egg croissant (cheese optional)

    Hot Sandwiches
    Prosciutto & Mozzarella Crostini 
    toasted baguette topped with prosciutto & mozzarella, served with organic salad
    Croque Monsieur 
    two thick slices of brioche with black forest ham, provolone and swiss cheese, with organic salad
    Croque Madame 
    one thick slice of brioche with black forest ham, provolone and swiss cheese, topped with a fried egg, served with organic salad   

    Tuna on Olive Bread
    tuna mix, swiss cheese, with organic salad 
    Chicken on Multi-Grain Bread
    chicken breast, provolone & swiss cheeses, with organic salad

    Cold Sandwiches (baguette)
    • Le Normand: Ham, Brie, lettuce & tomatoes 
    • Le Parisien: Ham, Swiss, lettuce & tomatoes 
    • Le Provençal: Prosciutto, Mozzarella & tomatoes 

    Note: For vegetarians, meat is replaced with tomatoes & avocados on any of our
              sandwiches. Just let us know.

    Homemade Soups (gluten-free)
    • French Onion 
    • Corn chowder
    • Sausage lentil

    La Pâtiss Salad                                                        

    Fresh organic mix with tomatoes, radish, and avocado in balsamic vinaigrette.
    Additional chicken available

    Sweet crêpes  (comes with whipped cream) 

    La Joconde: Sugar                   Louvre:  Jam     
    Trocadero:  Lemon                    Bastille:  Honey 
    La Defense:  Caramel               Champs Elysées:  Nutella  
    Tour Eiffel: Nutella, banana      Moulin Rouge:  Kiwijam 
    Additional toppings: (Coconut, vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits) 

    Savory crêpes 

    Cannes: Egg, Ham & Cheese  
    St. Tropez: Chicken, tomatoes, avocado, mushroom sauce 
    Marseille: Shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, mushroom sauce 
    Monaco: Salmon, tomatoes, avocado mushroom sauce 

    Please order ahead

     Mini baguette


    Iced Coffee
    Orange Juice
    Iced Latte
    Iced Cappuccino
    Lorina Sparlink Lemonade
    Iced Tea
    Perrier Sparkling Water
    Iced Chocolate
    Bottled Water 
    Juice box